We all remember being on our pilgrim walk and realizing just how big of a community Emmaus is when the prayer vigil and Agape letters from other communities were posted. We have another opportunity to share that same agape love to new pilgrims. Our Emmaus sister’s in Austin have a walk coming the first weekend of November. We can offer our agape love by supporting their prayer vigil. Please see the links below to sign up.
Women’s Walk #141 – Call to Action
Our Women’s Walk #141 is just a short few weeks away, starting on November 1st. However, before the walk can begin, our prayer vigil must be complete. It is critical that the walk be showered with prayers! Please also sign up for several open prayer times. Sign up online for the PRAYER VIGIL HERE!
For more information contact walk Lay Director Debbie Hopkins (deblhopk@gmail.com or (512) 969-8756) or Board Lay Director Fred Widmer (fwidmer1020@att.net or (512) 605-7261)